What is Vegan Collagen? And what are the benefits?

Veganism is a more popular lifestyle choice than ever, with tons of celebrities touting the virtues of eliminating animal products from your diet. Yet many are still not aware that collagen supplements aren’t 100% vegan friendly, meaning that if you follow a vegan diet you probably can’t take collagen without feeling uneasy about the source.

So if the idea of Vegan collagen supplements seems a little too good to be true, you’re not alone. We all have questions about this beauty trend, and we’ve gone ahead and answered them for you.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein we produce naturally in the body made up of amino-acids, which helps in everything from building bone, skin and nails to holding the body together. In fact, your skin alone consists of 70% collagen fibres. This is the reason why when you are younger your skin looks plump and radiant.

Most people start to lose collagen as they age, which can lead to a number of other skin-related issues such as wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes and even thinning skin. Typically you will lose about 1% collagen each year from age 25 onwards. This percentage can also be accelerated if you indulge in sugary treats and junk food. Therefore it is so important to maintain the collagen levels in your body, especially if you are looking to retain your youthful skin.

Can Collagen be Vegan?

Collagen is most commonly made from animal protein which makes it problematic for vegans to find collagen as a supplement. Collagen is usually sourced from marine or bovine animals. However scientists have developed a plant based way to create a vegan version by using genetically modified yeast and bacteria. 

Using natural vegetarian alternatives provides a truly plant-based alternative to bovine and marine hydrolysed collagen peptides - for vegan health and beauty.

How is Vegan Collagen made?

There are certain human genes that code for collagen which are added to the genetic structure of microbes. Once this process is done the yeast or bacteria will then start to produce building blocks of human collagen.

A digestive enzyme called Pepsin is then added to help collagen production into the same structure as human collagen that the human body can use. 

But what’s the deal, and will your skin really thank you for that pour of collagen in your morning coffee?

What are the benefits of Vegan collagen?

Plant-based collagen is the future of beauty, and there are a few reasons why we should start stocking up on vegan collagen supplements based on scientific studies:


  • Improving hydration: This helps with wrinkles and anti ageing which is great for skincare. As we age we produce less collagen which leads to fine lines and wrinkles. Increasing hydration can help battle these early signs of ageing and dryness in the skin.
  • Enhanced elasticity: Collagen could help with maintaining firmer and plumper skin for a more youthful skin appearance.
  • reduced roughness of skin and better density
  • Cheaper and safer to produce: As Vegan collagen can be produced in a lab the environmental factors can be controlled making it safer to produce. Also, the fact that it uses yeast and bacteria means it is cheaper to produce than its meat alternative.
  • Risk of allergies lowered: As the collagen is made from plant-based ingredients, the risk of contamination and transmission from an animal illness is taken away. Another advantage is that no animals would be harmed when producing the supplements.

It should be no surprise that what you put into your body is what will keep you healthy on the outside. By eating a vegetarian diet and consuming more plant based food you are effectively doing good for your body on the inside and out.

The body will regenerate its skin every 27 days, and if you want better skin then essentially what you put in is what you get out! You literally are what you eat.

As vegan collagen is still relatively new in the market there needs to be more research and studies into the full benefits and efficacy of the collagen. 

How can I get Vegan Collagen?

Currently Vegan collagen is hard to come by and the ones you see in the market are actually a collagen booster and comes in the form of Vegan supplements. There are a rising number of brands producing Vegan collagen and choosing a good one can be difficult.

We currently stock a few Vegan collagens from Ancient and Brave that have added nutritional benefits such as Vitamin D and Vitamin C. The powder can be added to smoothies or plant based milks to create a tasty collagen boosting drink to power you through the day.

They contain added vitamins, minerals, important nutrients and plant extracts to give your body the essential components it needs to help produce more collagen.


True Vegan collagen although hard to come by, could be coming our way soon, but in the meantime Ancient + Brave’s offering could be the perfect solution.

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