Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 14th is the most romantic day of the year. Valentine’s Day is etched in every couple’s calendar as a special occasion. Whether you’re a new couple or have been enjoying wedded bliss for years, the idea of buying the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is one that can leave most couples scratching their heads. As romantic as a bouquet of red roses and chocolates can be, let’s be honest, it’s not exactly thinking outside of the box.

It has been reported than men are generally spending more than women on Valentine’s Day and the average spend for both sexes being around £35. Today, more and more couples are turning to social media for inspiration on choosing the most personal gift for their special partners. To help you avoid a last-minute panic, we’ve put together some ideas to make Valentine’s Day extra special for you and your loved one this year.


“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” 

– Charles M. Schulz

Chocolates, flowers, and greeting cards are part of the universal survival kit for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates are a guaranteed winner and the amount of chocolate bought, given, and consumed will skyrocket around the time February 14th rolls around. 

If he or she has a sweet tooth, a sugary box of candy and chocolates could be the ideal gift for your partner on Valentine’s Day. Remember love hearts from your childhood? Add a touch of nostalgia, a hamper of His or Her’s favourite sweets will bring a smile to anyone’s face and add a unique personalised touch. Or if you want to go that extra mile, a bouquet of chocolate could be the best gift your loved one receives on Valentines. See our selection here.

An assortment of chocolates and confectionary are the perfect gift idea as its such a versatile gift for couples which can be shared, no matter how long you have been together. Whether you’re embracing the first chapter in your love story or have been together for years, you can’t match the familiarity and sweetness of confectionary to show your affection on Valentine’s Day.

Self-Care & Scents make Perfect Sense

Wellness, well-being, and self-care has seen a large growth in recent years and looking after one’s mind, body and soul can be important in maintaining a healthy and thriving relationship. Treat her to a set of luxurious scented candles which she can enjoy during a long hot soak in the bath or whilst relaxing after a long day at work. 

Most people will rack their brains looking for the ‘perfect’ gift to buy on Valentine’s Day but sometimes it’s the most trivial and simplest of ideas which can go a long way. What’s her favourite scent? Does she enjoy a candle or a diffuser? Where does she like to unwind and relax? A simple decision like a scented candle will bring a renewed sense of calm and invigoration into her daily routine and it’s a gift which she will appreciate.

Frame Those Special Moments

Hear us out… framing those special moments shared on your first date, first kiss, engagement, wedding day, or anniversary can be meaningful.

Technology is a marvel and with so many unique gadgets out there to snap those memorable moments, framing them becomes a must. Transfer your favourite Instagram photos together or favourite memories together into a beautiful collage. Perhaps transfer the lyrics of your favourite song into a picture frame to hand on your wall with a personalised message. 

Traditional Romantic Gestures that Can’t Fail

“I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” – Emma Goldman

The traditional bouquet of red roses to win your Valentines’ heart. It’s almost every woman’s most cherished gift for Valentine’s Day. At Giftmii, we’ve got you covered. Choose from our selection of luxurious Champs de Fleurs roses to give to your partner for Valentine’s Day. And these roses will last the entire year. So, the customary tradition of receiving red roses for Valentine’s Day will take extra significance with our collection of stunning red roses.

Really make your mark this year for Valentine’s Day with a personalised gift set from Giftmii. Thinking outside of the box is what we do. We’ve compiled a collection of beautiful and unique gifts for your girlfriends and boyfriends, BFF’s, fiancé’s, and husbands and wives.

What better way to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to the most special person in your life with a personalised gift package from Giftmii.

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