Top Easter Gifts for 2021

Easter is the time for family and friends (and a chocolate Easter egg or two), and also a time for giving. It can be a struggle to find the perfect Easter Gift with so many choices available online that it can become a little bit confusing.

That's why we have created a list of our Top Picks for Easter Gift ideas that will make choosing a gift easy! Whether you're looking for gifts for family, gifts for friends or even for Easter gifts for kids...we are sure you will find something they will love from our Easter Bunny approved selection of great gifts below.

Chocolate Gift Boxes from Hamilton's

These Luxury handmade Chocolates from Hamiltons are made from the finest Belgian chocolate. So Indulgent and will please any dark Chocolate lover. If Dark Chocolate's not their thing, we also have White chocolate too.

12 handmade dark chocolate truffles

12 Handmade Dark Chocolates selection. £11.75 SHOP NOW

Rose and Violet chocolate creams

12 handmade Rose & Violet Chocolate Creams. £13.50 SHOP NOW

How about something a little different? Try these decadent dark chocolate rose and violet creams. 6 traditional fondant rose creams and 6 traditional fondant violet creams. Both are then topped with either a crystalised rose or violet petal.


Chocolate Bouquets

If you love chocolate but want something a little bit different, our Chocolate bouquets are a definite winner when it comes to wow factor. They are a sure fire hit with every chocolate gift lover.

Cadburys chocolate bouquet

Cadburys Lover Chocolate Bouquet. £25 SHOP NOW

This is the ultimate cadburys bouquet, filled with 17 full size delicious Cadbury classic chocolates, hand finished with a beautiful satin Giftmii bow. This is definitely a crowd pleaser and kids will love it too.

Handmade Chocolate Bouquet: Ferrero Rocher

Handmade Chocolate Bouquet: Ferrero Rocher £25 SHOP NOW

This Handmade Ferrero Rocher chocolate bouquet is one of our best sellers. It is a hit at parties and gatherings as it makes a great centrepiece or even as an easter decoration that everyone can tuck into and enjoy.

Handmade Chocolate Bouquet: The Blue One

Handmade Chocolate Bouquet: The Blue One £25 SHOP NOW

Our beautiful range of chocolate bouquets have double the impact of being both delicious chocolates and the impression of a dazzling flower bouquet. All our chocolate bouquets are all completely handmade, with meticulous detail and attention and carefully assembled to ensure that all chocolates remain fully sealed and they remain fresh.


Tea and coffee gifts

Who doesn't love a nice cup of tea or coffee after a big easter meal with the family? What better way to wind down and enjoy the day than with a freshly brewed cup. We have some great Tea and coffee gifts that will please the caffeine lover on any occasion.

Joie De Vivre Green and White Tea Set £23 SHOP NOW

A cheerful pair of refreshing organic green and white tea blends for spirited moments of personal reward. This elegant box contains two Master Blend caddies: Perfect Day Caddy and Sprite's Delight.

Dawn till Dusk Herbal tea Blends

Dawn till Dusk Herbal tea Blends £21 SHOP NOW

A pair of finely balanced caffeine-free organic herbal blends to enjoy day and night. This special box contains two Master Blend caddies: Unter den Linden Caddy and Sweet Lullaby

The Coffee Connoisseur Gift Box

The Coffee Connoisseur Gift Box £60 SHOP NOW

This Coffee gift box is the best choice for coffee lovers. It comes with two Gentlemen Barista's coffees, indulgent Shortbread House biscuits and a Black + Blum Food Flask.


Non-Alcoholic Drink Gifts

Sometimes we all enjoy a drink or two, but if you know someone who would prefer a non-alcoholic drink but still likes something that tastes great then we have just the gifts.

Seedlip Garden 108 20cl £13 SHOP NOW

The second bottling from Seedlip is a celebration of summer a non-alcoholic spirit that bursts with clean, fresh herbal flavours. Perfect for designated drivers or if you're not drinking at the moment, it's great served long with bitter lemon or soda water over ice.

Lyres Dry London Spirit 70cl

Lyres Dry London Spirit 70cl £23 SHOP NOW

This unique spirit has been impossibly crafted to capture the essence of a classic Gin, with flavours that are distinct and contemporary. Lyre's spirits don't just mimic, they have their own distinction as a premium, non-alcoholic beverage. 


Silk eye masks

Holisitic Silk - Pure Mulberry silk lavender

Holisitic Silk - Pure Mulberry silk lavender £65 SHOP NOW

Holistic Silk's most luxurious sleep mask, made to their award winning ergonomic design, features Mulberry Silk on both sides to deliver true beauty sleep. The naturally non-absorbent Silk lining actively helps prevent night-time facial creasing and dehydration, making it ideal for sensitive and maturing skin.

Holisitic Silk - Limited edition Gold Crane Lavender eye mask £55 SHOP NOW

Beautiful and Luxurious Gold Crane Lavender eye mask. Ergonomically designed, Holistic Silk's masks gently rest on the cheekbones and forehead for maximum comfort with soft Velvet ties for an adaptable, non-restrictive 'I don’t know I am wearing it' fit. Tie once for your perfect fit, then simply slip on and off.


The classic easter gift of flowers and flower bouquets are always an ideal option. But how about levelling up this year with infinity roses from Champs De Fleur. We exclusively stock their real forever roses that last over a year. They make a stunning centrepiece or gift and will create a luxurious impression for those wishing to splash out.

Le luxe transparent box of roses

Le Luxe Collection Champs De Fleur Infinity roses £180 SHOP NOW

This unique arrangement is part of the Le Luxe collection by Champs De Fleurs.

This transparent luxurious box with a clear lid provides you with a gorgeous view of 18 - 20 roses from every angle. A definite WOW factor.

These roses have been picked at the point of perfection and preserved to last at least one year. Each rose undergoes an intricate and zero-waste process to preserve the beauty and quality of the individual petals.

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