How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Mothers Day:

“There is no role in life that is more essential than that of motherhood.” - Elder M. Russell Ballard 

Mother’s Day is an important date for all maternal family members. Celebrated in over 40 countries around the world, Mother’s Day is the celebration of motherhood and maternal bonds, which is why choosing the perfect gift is essential.

mothers day tea gift box

Gifts with sentimental value can be equally as special as presents with a personal touch. Personalised jewellery is a winner if you’re splashing the cash. But if this year you are shopping on a budget, don’t fear that this will ruin the sentimental value of the moment.

Gifts on a budget need not lose their importance when showing appreciation for your mum, aunt, grandmother, or mother-in-law. Mother’s Day presents can be affordable and twice as special as a luxury necklace or watch.

No matter her age, style, or your budget, Giftmii has the perfect idea for a memorable Mother’s Day gift. And we can even help personalise your gift to show your gratitude and give thanks to the most important woman in the world.

Thinking Outside of the Box

Flowers are the easy option and, in most cases, it’s the sweetest gesture. But why not branch out and choose a unique gift? Think out of the box and choose a gift for your mum that adds a unique personal touch: one which she’ll enjoy in the long term.

Some great choices for mums are yoga mats, candles, bathroom essentials, beauty products, or an indulgent hamper of chocolate and champagne. These are all great gift ideas which your mum can enjoy and make use of.

giftmii selection of gifts

The Zen Approach

Enhance the zen for your mother and the home by adopting the holistic approach for your Mother’s Day gift. From beautiful eye masks to premium silk pillowcases, holistic silk has been crafted using the finest silks to help prevent signs of premature ageing. This ensures the skin remains smooth, helping to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Choose a luxurious eye mask enriched with lavender along with a holistic silk pillowcase for the perfect gift box, perfect for new mums too!

“Mother is the heartbeat in the home.” - Leroy Brownlow

holistic silk eye masks

Tea & Biscuits Anyone?

Every mother and grandmother loves a biscuit with their afternoon tea. So how about adding some delectable shortbread biscuits to your personalised gift hamper for Mother’s Day.

Choose from a selection of the finest traditionally homemade shortbread biscuits from the Shortbread House of Edinburgh. These are the finest shortbread biscuits made from authentic traditional recipes straight from the Scottish capital. It’s the homeliest edible treat you could give your nearest and dearest on Mother’s Day.

Afternoon tea gift box

Wellness, Therapy & Relaxation

Replenishing the mind, body and soul is more important than ever before. High pressure working environments, managing young families whilst working, and finding the right work-life balance becomes an arduous task and can often go neglected in modern society.

Giftmii suggests a unique offering for your beloved mother on Mothering Sunday this year, with a personalised gift box containing the best in therapeutic wellness and well-being products.

bath salts and soaps gift box

From premium bath salts to essential oil candles and diffusers to holistic water bottles and eco-friendly essentials. Help your mum de-stress and unwind with our collection of beautifully scented and mineral rich bath salts. They have been proven to revive and reenergise the muscles to enjoy and soak in after a long day. She can then light up a beautifully scented candle in her favourite part of the home as she delves into her favourite book or watches her favourite TV series.

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” – Mitch Albom

At Giftmii you can choose the best single gift for your mum this Mother’s Day but also combine gifts to create a bespoke hamper which she’ll love. Make Mothering Sunday extra special on 14th March this year by shopping with Giftmii for the ultimate in personalised gift sets.

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