Gift Ideas to Send Someone During Lockdown

It seems like we’re stuck in perpetual Groundhog Day as we find ourselves in yet another lockdown. Even when faced with adversity we still seem to endure ‘first world problems’, particularly what to gift someone during a lockdown. With so many of us having to experience the unfamiliar concept of spending birthday’s without family or friends, or having to cope with being isolated at home, we all need something to cheer us up during times of hardship and uncertainty.

If you’re unsure on gift ideas for someone during lockdown, this short guide should point you in the right direction to put a smile on the face of your receiver. Whether it’s presents for someone celebrating a lockdown birthday, special occasion, or to lift the spirits of a loved one or friend, here are some suggestions for someone to enjoy during lockdown.

Stay Flexible with a Yoga Mat.

With so many of us working from home and gyms closed to the public, finding the time to exercise during a lockdown can be tricky. Most people will find themselves less motivated and unable to find the right equipment for an ‘at-home’ workout. But that’s no excuse not to stay fit, healthy, motivated, and energised. Most of us will have made New Year’s resolutions to get fit (again), but lockdown has put a halt to such plans. Or has it?

Put those New Year’s resolutions firmly back into action with a lockdown gift like a yoga mat. The growth in lockdown yoga with hundreds of virtual sessions and exercise classes available online has risen the past year. 2020 saw a 6% rise in the Yoga and Pilates industry with up to 460,000 Brits taking yoga classes weekly. When the first lockdown hit in early 2020, yoga was being considered one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy whilst at home. An exercise or yoga mat could prove to be a most welcome gift idea for anyone who needs a motivational push in the right direction, especially newbies.

Health benefits of practising yoga include improved circulation of the blood, stronger joints, building strength, enhancing flexibility, and maintaining wellbeing. These are all essential for those who are working from home and where mobility is reduced. Affordable, practical, and available in a range of cool and quirky designs, why not help a friend by gifting them with a yoga mat for lockdown.

Additionally, help someone compliment their workout with a Vive protein bar available from Giftmii. These plant-based snacks are high in plant protein, fibre, and contain a variety of minerals and vitamins for the ultimate nutritional snack to boost your workouts. Healthy and delicious!

Bath Bombs Away!

Everyone loves a bath bomb. Bath bombs are visually stunning and add a much-needed effervescence to bath water which can be enjoyed by the whole family. Kids love bath bombs because of their beautiful colours, spark, and fizzle whilst adults will enjoy their alluring scents and bathing benefits. Bath bombs are a wonderful idea for a lockdown gift as they can be enjoyed by all ages and are available in an assortment of beautiful scents.

Ideal for anyone who enjoys a long hot soak in the tub, bath bombs combined with bath salts or soap bars could be the perfect idea of a personalised gift set to send someone during lockdown.


Diffusing Positive Vibes

Diffuse the stresses and negative energy within the home with a plush diffuser, available from Giftmii. Diffusers just happen to be one of those gifts everyone loves and can be instantly used. Having become extremely popular within homes due to their lasting scents, practicality and reusability, diffusers are the ultimate gift for someone who loves setting the mood and enhancing the ambience in any room of the house. Not only do they look great, but Giftmii’s selection of premium diffusers smell great too with a variety of homely scents to choose from to create the ideal lockdown gift for a special person.

Don’t let lockdown halt any special occasion or the idea of gift giving. It’s probably the most important time of our lives to gift someone close to us with a heart-warming and thoughtful present to lift their spirits and celebrate an occasion during such testing times. Giftmii will be on hand to create personalised gift boxes and hampers to suit every occasion and celebration.


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